Our Mission

Understanding people through deep personality analysis

Reasonings uses sophisticated Machine Learning and NLP algorithms to excavate personality dimensions from any textual data. We envision a world where smart algorithms take hundreds of points of textual reference and create a virtual profile of a person that helps to recruit them to the right teams, jobs, tasks and missions worldwide, resulting in higher success rates of teams in their tasks and projects, and in happier employees doing what they are truly best at.

Our Unique Expertise

Reasonings has gone from static analytics to dynamic intelligence and deep learning — from demographic and statistics to people's personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. We discover patterns and behaviors to proactively define and predict accurate profiles and threat levels of internal and external personnel.


Reasonings utilizes both physical and digital data to profile an individual’s emotional state and potential for certain behaviors


Reasonings uses multiple sources to specify new insights and perceptions regarding individuals


Reasonings uses real-time analytics alongside Machine Learning technologies to identify behavioral patterns and help determine an individual's next move


Reasonings leverages statistical models to simulate future events based on historical records of similar events

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