The next generation
of computational
personality analysis

Reasonings extracts and analyzes text from resumes, cover letters, social media posts and other open sources to help you understand people’s actions from their digital footprint. We run data through multimodal analysis to detect deep personality dimensions — and provide results similar to what you can get from a group of psychologists.




Reasonings helps you to choose the right people and to weed out the wrong ones


Our product is flexible enough to suit a wide variety of business needs


We don’t just connect the data dots, we compare them to give you the best recommendation

Proven Expertise

Our developments in personality research and computational personality analysis have been tested and proved to beat the state-of-the-art results in analyzing the essays’ dataset of MyPersonalityProject as well as in analyzing personality dimensions such as narcissism or loneliness with over than 90% accuracy.

Beyond Words

Our Deep Profiling Engine combines a basic text analysis with a deep syntactic-semantic analysis that aims to expose the relations between the screened individuals and others. After all, personality is all about relations: when one relies on a shallow linguistic analysis only, results are limited.

Temporal Analysis

Personality is a dynamic phenomenon that “lives” in time, and the most important information is identified in analyzing the behavior of personality dimensions along the timeline. We have developed a unique methodology for addressing this challenge relying on new ideas how to trace the change in meaning.


Reasonings combines methodologies of OSINT and WebInt to gain maximum performance from multiple source data in a way that offers a pragmatic and scientifically rigorous solution.

How we do it

What is it good for?

Human Resources

Use Reasonings for hiring and sorting out the best members of your team for need-to-know basis projects.

Targeting Audience

Target the right audience by accurately analyzing personalities.

Spotting Threats

Identify the next internal or external threat.

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